A. Granite Styles
-  Specification: Size 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 600x600mm, 600x1500mm up (strips), 1200x2400mm (Slabs).
-  Finishes: Polished, Honed.
-  Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm.
-  Colors:

Gold Vie G106 Eggplant Violet G118 Light Beige G106L Royal Black G122 Leopard White G121
        Grain Green G127
Plum Red G124 Pearl White G101 Pearl Red G125 Royal Grey G122G Pearl Red G125L

Grain Green G127 Flash Rose G103 Forest Violet G117 Red Vie (Ruby) G108R Light Beige G109
Cloudy Black G139 Leopard Grey G130 Absolute Black G126 Sesame Black G132 Gold Black G137
Red Vie G108 Star Red G107 Pearl White B G101B Flash Rose G103 Star White G115

B. Granite Paving Cubes (or Cubic Granites or Granite Cobbles):

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Gold Vie GP106 Red Vie GP108 Leopard White GP121  
90x90x290mm 90x90x90mm 90x90190mm



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Granite Cobble Colors: Leopard White GP121; Gold Vie GP106, Grain Green GP127, Light Beige GP109, Red Vie GP108, Forest Violet GP117

Paving Style 1

Paving Style 2

C. Other finishes of granites:

1. Bush Hammered finish:

Bush Hammered Red Vie G108

Flamed and Bush-Hammered Gold Vie in 01 piece

Bush Hammered Gold Vie G106

2. Flamed finish:


Flamed Grain Green G127

Eggplant Violet G118 Flamed & Polished

Flamed Beige G109

3. Mushroom finish:


Mushroom Gold Vie G106

Mushroom Forest Violet G117


D. Art Stones:   

Yellow Granite Furniture

Yellow Granite Stair


E. Basalt Stones:


Basalt Cobble BAS007

Tumbled Basalt

Honed Basalt 60x60x2cm



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Basalt Stepping Stone - Bush Hammered

Basalt Garden Furniture
Hole Basalt Hole Basalt 6 size-cut Hole Basalt Packing
Flamed & Brushed Basalt BAS009 Basalt Bush Hammered BAS004 Cut 6 Side BAS006


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