Granites & Basalts: Cut-to-size Tiles, Slabs (polished, honed, flamed, flamed and brushed, bush-hammered), Cobbles (Cubic stones), Palisades, Paving Stones(hammered, split).

2. Marbles: Tiles, Slabs, house wares; Blue Stones: Tumbled, Sanded, Honed, Honed and Vibrated (Antique), Bush-Hammered, Chiseled,...
3. Other Stones : Rock Face Stones,Mushroom Marbles,Split Marbles, Mushroom Slate Stone (For Wall Decoration), Sand Stone, Pebbles, Mediature mountains, Statues,...
4. Terracotta Products: Terracotta Tiles/bricks, Cotto Tiles, Pavers, Fire Bricks/Refractory Bricks, Roof Tiles, Decorated Wall Tiles, Building Bricks,
5 Cement Tiles: 20x20x2, 15x15x2cm,... in square, hexagon shape,...
6. Terrazzo Tiles
7. Pottery & Ceramics: Pottery, Ceramics, Terracotta Pots/Planters, Sanitary ware, Ceramics tiles.
8. Furniture: Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, Fern, Seagrass, Palm leaf,... products.
9. Materials, other building Materials, Machinery & equipment, hardware,
10. Electronics & Electric/Home Appliances: Hammocks, Step Lader, Fans,...
11. Agricultural products, Food and food stuff,



We introduce ourselves as a company supplying Vietnamese products for export with materials and building materials. Established from 1985, we fast develop with an annual high turnover from raw mineral materials to finished products, from Interior building products to many kinds of products for both production and daily uses.

Most of our products are for export, we are specializing in granites, blue stones, marbles, basalts, wood/bamboo furniture, terracotta tiles/products, ceramic and pottery; materials: rubber..... We set up an international long-term established customer distribution network for Vietnamese products to the markets in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia.

In the process of opening new markets, we are very pleased to welcome and serve all distinguished customers. All cooperation with any partners are very valuable and highly appreciated. Please see our web site and if you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us at the address provided.

Quarries & Factories


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